Accountants and Business Advisers

Most accountants also describe themselves as business advisers, and we are no exception. Because we are very much technology-oriented accountants, we would like to promote ourselves on the Internet, with the added benefit of putting us in a position where we can advise our clients how to proceed in Internet promotion.

A search engine like Google uses various methods to decide how to prioritise its results for a search such as “accountant carlisle”. We have worked out how to put ourselves in a favourable position in such a search, both in the 3-pack and in the organic listing. One worry for us is that the Google algorithm changes daily, and although we might be riding high today, we could drop like a stone tomorrow with the next change in Google.

As insurance, we are looking at other ways to promote ourselves, and QR codes are an obvious next step. We can send out direct mailings with QR codes linking back to this website, and we can also advertise in shop windows or in various publications. This is all quite novel, and we need to experiment a bit to find out what works, and what not to do. One or two other businesses in Carlisle are starting to use these codes, so we are hardly out in front on this, but it is still early days.

The QR code needs to link back to a website which is easy to use on a mobile phone, which is the point of this website. The website has two menus, a little one at the top which is accessed by a button, and a large one at the bottom which resembles the menu found on several other mobile-friendly websites.