No Right of Appeal

If you don’t file a corporation tax return, and you just leave it, then the Revenue will estimate how much corporation tax they think you owe them, and send you a bill. This bill is known as a Determination. If you think it is too high, you have no right of appeal.

Likewise if you don’t file your VAT returns then you will get a bill for the estimated amount. This bill is known as an Assessment and again there is no right of appeal.

None of this is as bad as it looks. What you need to do is to submit the original corporation tax return that you should have submitted in the first place, or the original VAT return. You will probably need an accountant to do this for you. If there is a tax charge, then you will need to pay it, and you may need to pay penalties on top, but probably nothing like as bad as the original Determination or Assessment.

Some people put off, delay and procrastinate forever, and the Determination and the Assessment are the Revenue’s ways of trying to prompt them to take action. There are plenty of decent accountants in Carlisle who will help to sort things out.