QR code

A QR code looks like this:


and you have probably seen one but have not given it a second thought. It can be scanned by a free app on a mobile phone, and the code shown will take you to this website, which has been designed for easy scrolling with one hand and has a thumb-friendly menu at the bottom. You can actually scan the code right now on the screen, or just press it or click on it. The code prints off as roughly a one inch square on a printer.

QR codes can be included on posters and advertisements and in direct mailings. They form a link between the Internet and the offline world. We are very interested in introducing them both for independent promotion of ourselves and so that we are better able to act as business advisers in the future. In addition to this, these codes help to advertise the fact that we scan bank statements as well as QR codes and use optical character recognition for quick processing and affordable accounts.

QR codes were invented by a Japanese company, Denso Wave Incorporated, and are essentially their free gift to the world. Their basic merit from a company accountant’s point of view is that we can place a QR code in a printed publication, and it can rapidly access information on the Internet which is kept up to date. One feature of accountancy, especially company accountancy, is that the rules just keep changing. The main tax system changes every year, but there are often other changes to be aware of as well. This is a problem to which QR codes can provide a solution.

This website will in fact be optimised for use with a QR code before all else. If you scan the code and this website appears quickly, then you have probably downloaded it from Cloudflare’s Manchester server. We have another mobile-friendly website which will be optimised for interaction with search engines.