Free Consultation

Our first consultation is always free, and we would be very happy to meet you and explain our services. We can use a mobile phone to access our online quotation system and will give you a quote at once based upon estimated turnover and other details. Just press 01228 533751 to telephone us for a discussion.

You may also send a text message to 07854 374986.

If we arrange a meeting, then we would request that you have on hand any documents which are relevant to your business and tax affairs. We will bring along our free bookkeeping material to get you started. If you are thinking of promoting yourself on the Internet, then we can also give you a NAP card to get going.

We would say in addition that setting up a new company from scratch may involve a number of issues which need to be discussed. If we give you a quote, then you might be interested in knowing the quote which we would give you for the equivalent sole trader or partnership.